Focus and Scope

Journal of Accounting and Digital Finance (JADFi)[ISSN 2776-639X] embraces a range of methodological approaches in identifying and solving significant prioritized accounting issues. Submissions are encouraged across all areas of accounting, finance, and cognate disciplines. It is strongly recommended that authors specifically address how their research addresses the priority areas and how it impacts those whom the research intends to affect. Priority areas Descriptive data and commentary that addresses the accounting standard-setting agenda. Descriptive data and commentary that addresses changes to laws and regulations that affect business, Dealing with regulators, Reporting for the future: climate change, sustainability, natural environment, Accounting and finance research that addresses UN sustainable development goals, Auditing for the future, Accounting education: needs and trends, The future of the profession, including the academic profession and professional practitioners, Taxation policy and outcomes, Forensic Accounting, Fraud-identification & detection, corporate and behavioral governance, Technology affects accounting, Alternative reporting formats, Integrated reporting, accounting, and e-business, Non-financial reporting, non-financial performance measurement and reporting, corporate governance, business ethics, and corporate culture, Financial reporting quality, financial technology, cryptocurrency.